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Not too Big, Not too Light, Choosing a Stroller That’s Just Right


While some people say that a stroller is a baby gear that you shouldn’t consider buying until your child can walk a distance on his own, for me a stroller can make parents life a great deal easier. It can help you get back to your routine faster, and not feel restricted to perform your daily activities by the baby being attached to you 24/7.

But before you reach strollers Australia stores or turn to the internet to buy a stroller, it is important that you decide what will you be using your stroller for? It will be for going to the mall, everyday tasks, jogging, or traveling? Defining how you plan to use the stroller will help you narrow down your options and find the best deals. For example, if you plan to jog with the stroller then you should only look at jogging stroller models as other types of strollers are not suitable for this purpose. You should know, that in addition to jogging, jogging strollers can also be used for everyday use. Other types available in strollers Australia retailers include lightweight strollers and umbrella strollers, which are suitable for everyday tasks as well as for traveling.

Choosing the right stroller for each stage of your child’s life can ensure that you and baby enjoy a great time together.


For Newborns

Look for a carriage that allows your baby to lie down flat and face you while going out to the supermarket or for a small walk. Once your babe becomes a supported sitter and start sitting with your help, strollers with reclined seats or bassinets are suitable for this stage.

Once your baby becomes an independent sitter, he won’t need to lie in a reclined position anymore and will be interested to take in all the sights and sounds around him. Taking him out in a stroller will help you introduce your baby to the world around him.


For toddlers

Yong children can walk only short distances for the first 3-4 years. So when taking your toddler to the mall of for a walk in park, it may be a great idea to take him in a stroller. It will give you great mobility and will avoid unnecessary strain on your child tender feet and legs.

Most strollers offer a storage space at the bottom, making them perfect shopping companions, while providing your child a safe and comfortable ride.

Keep in mind that in order to meet Australian safety standards all strollers need to have a hand strap, a red brake and a five point safety harness. Because strollers are considered one of the most expensive investments you will make for your baby it is important that you define how much your budget allow you to spend on a stroller. As a rule of thumb, strollers that cost more tend to offer more convenient features such as more cushion on the seat, adjustable handlebars and even better customer service from the manufacturer.

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