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Qnap TVs – the Best Network Attached Storage Box

Starting your own website? Is your company looking for more storage and server solutions? Yet you are not experienced enough to find the right solution. You have arrived at the right place where we will tell you all about finding the right server, accessories or more importantly the right network attached storage box. In this article we will go through the right solutions for your company, so your work is the most reliable and durable solution in Australia!

On YouTube, there are dozens of solutions, where they will probably say they are the top notch or the most affordable one. However, there is a middle ground – giving you durability, functionality and longevity for the right prices – provides optimum quality without breaking the bank.

network attached storage box

One of this solutions is the QNAP TVS used as a network storage box for surveying and keeping secure your company. It comes with the fourth generations of i3 dual-core processor with 3.5 GHz, which possess the right speed to do any application on multiple functions. The process gives great enhancement for running Virtualization Station, 4K playback and take multiple and simultaneous connections As it is normal with smaller network attached storage box, the 4 GB ram is enough because there is no need for more. However, if you want to add more, you can do that manually by upgrading it with 8, 16 or 32 GB of ram. This system can support 6Gbps hard drives and 10 Gb ethernet, offering more than 2,300 Mb/s with 146,000 IOPS.

This is the tech specs and now we will go through more depth analytics for the TVS. This is powerful NAS storage solutions that are created for I/O intensive tasks, crucial applications and fast growing data storage needs. It has both reliability and security, gives you high performance with non-stop throughput and offers a comprehensive storage solution to build your own private cloud. With this machine, you can manage, share and backup all your business data in real time. It can create a 4K video playback, and offer you transcoding editing. This machine supports a great range of operating system such as Windows, Linux, Android system that offer advanced virtualization features.

Buying this Network Attached Storage Box is the most reliable solution in Australia. There is always the choice of exploring retailers where you can buy this, however, the best thing is to contact them, tell them your needs and find the optimal solution, whether you need one, two or more QNAP TVS for your company.

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