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Reasons for Hair Loss in Men and Women

Everyone can lose little bit of hair while brushing, blowing dry, but that’s normal. However, nowadays, the number of young people facing the problem of hair loss is increasing very fast. This affects our look and our attitude. Here are the most common reasons for hair loss:


  • The most common reason of hair loss in women and men is genetic;

  • Diabetes, thyroid, kidney and other disease are just another cause for hair loss;

  • The deficit of some vitamins for a long time is also a good reason for hair loss;

  • Very often strong medications as chemotherapy or radiation are a big cause for hair loss;

  • Another causes for hair loss are some kind of serious illness, stress, surgery;

  • The most known disease and cause for hair loss is Alopecia areata;

  • Hormonal imbalance, not enough hair care, drug consumption, insufficient consumption of healthy food are another causes for hair loss;

  • A restrict diets sometimes can be the reason for hair loss;

However, the genetic predispositions are not always a reason for hair loss. It is really hard to say and guess who will go bald. Balding is a process and usually ignored. It can be slow or fast.

In case you have Alopecia Areata, you have to know that this is skin autoimmune disease. It starts as small bold areas and can proceed to complete baldness.

Treatments of men and women hair loss: Medications, surgery (hair transplantation), scalp reduction, wigs and hair extensions.

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