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Reasons why Chefs Prefer Cooking with Gas

Cooking with gas cooktop, is with no doubt the most common way of cooking used in numerous commercial kitchens Australia wide. It is no secret that most of the professional chefs prefer to cook with a gas cooktop as opposed to an electric stove.

cooking with gas cooktops

Be it a matter of stir-frying, sauteing, water boiling or steaming, for the majority of restaurant chefs, cooking with gas cooktop is the most efficient and responsive way of cooking. This is due to the numerous advantages that using a gas cooktop provides. In fact, here are the simple reasons why chefs prefer cooking on a gas flame:

  • Wider Cookware Choice

Unlike the electric and induction cooktops that require special pans, when it comes to cookware, for cooking with gas cooktop, there are no certain limitations. You can use pretty much any pan that is on your disposal, regardless of its size, shape or material.

  • Immediately Responsive Heat

There is no need to spend time waiting for the stove to heat up or to reduce the temperature in the middle of the cooking process. When cooking with a gas cooktop, you have the full control of the heat, as with a simple turn of the dial the heat intensity gets immediately increased or decreased. In this way you save time and prevent the dishes to be cooked from spoiling while waiting for the stove’s response.

  • Lower Running Costs

Although the initial installation of the gas cooktop costs more, it will save you time down the road. It’s more than clear that the operation of electric cooktop will cause a significant rise in your electricity bills.

  • Unaffected By Power Outages

Cooking with gas cooktop doesn’t depend on the electricity, which means that your cooking won’t be concerned in situations when weather or other environmental factors cause electrical power outages.

  • No Unnecessary Heat Waste

Electric cooktops waste heat in the time they need to heat up as well as when emitting heat after cooking, not so with a gas cooktop. Gas powered cooktops do not generate excess heat in your kitchen, their heat vanishes at the time you turn them off and stop cooking. With that being said, cooking with gas cooktop is much more convenient way of cooking, especially in summer.

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