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Receding Hairline: Causes, Treatments And Solutions

receding hairline

receding hairline

Commonly experienced by men, receding hairline is known as a type of progressive hair loss where a hair line of an individual starts to thin out usually on both sides of the forehead. The result is a bald patch on top of the head. Normally experienced by older men, young teenagers can also suffer from receding hairline.


In men, receding hairline can be caused by poor eating habits, medications, stress, age, genetics or be associated with a specific autoimmune response. Once left unattended, it can lead to a permanent hair loss. However, when diagnosed on the beginning it can be possible treated, causing the hairline to regrow.


Nowadays, there are many treatments for receding hairline promising great results. However, the results that are provided makes many to believe that there is no effective solution for receding hairline. In order to find a treatment that can really on good results it is necessary first for you to figure out what is the real cause of your receding hairline.

One of the less expensive option that you have is home remedies. And there is a wide range of them that you can try. Home remedies are known to encourage hair regrowth and stop a receding hair line. One good example of home remedy is massaging the scalp of your head with essential oils such as castor, olive, hibiscus, etc.

Medications like Rogaine and Minoxidil along with hair transplant and laser combs are some of the other types of treatments available. Although they are known to deliver satisfactory results in some cases, they are a way more invasive options able to lead side effects and require medical prescriptions.


Opt for a health living lifestyle. Try avoiding refined foods that can worse receding hairline symptoms and choose instead fresh fruits, vegetables, minerals, whole grains and lean proteins. In addition, take vitamins that contain zinc, magnesium, folic acid, selenium, and vitamins B6, A, C, E as they are capable in helping receding hairline regrow and promoting stronger and healthier hair follicles.

One effective solution that is making the head of many men in New Zealand, is scalp micropgimentation. The success of scalp micropigmentation in New Zealand is due to the treatment ability to deliver great results without the need of medications and knife. Able to provide immediate results, scalp micropigmentation is a seamless technique used to bring receding hairline forward to where it was once. Considered as an art of tattooing process where small and natural pigments are tattooed into the scalp, with this treatment, matching you existing hair colour and density throughout your existing hair line is possible while offering a flawless transition of coverage.

If your receding hairline is taking you nights of sleep and more, interfering with your personal and professional life, scalp micropigmentation may help you out. Visit a specialized clinic on the treatment and discover what it has to offer to you.

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