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Robot Welding: Improve The Efficiency Of Your Processes

Welding is considered as one of the most complex processes and for this reason is usually the least understood. Welding automation can be made in two different categories: semiautomatic and fully automatic. The firs one is completed in a way where an operator manually loads the parts into the welding fixture and once the process is done he removes them. In fully automatic welding, a single or more machines loads the workpiece into position, complete the process, monitor the quality and when everything is done, the machine unloads the finished product.

welding robot

So, as a company owner (of course depending on the kind of your business) you may find yourself in need to use welding robot machine. Hiring a professional company that own welding robot equipment and offer welding services is always a wiser choice compared with buying your own equipment. So, once you need to partner with welding provider here are the things that need to be considered.


The welding provider should have a concept about how the work will be done. You will find two different concepts among welding service provider. One of them is: “We will be replicating what we have done before”, and the other one is “we believe we can achieve exactly what you want”. If you are not sure whether the company will be able to handle your requirements, you can ask for feasibility test. This step may bring you additional costs but this way you will ensure the provider is trained and experienced enough to fulfill your requirements.


Okay, skills are transferable. But just because one company is completely successful in completing a highly complex automation for one application it does not mean it will complete other applications with the same quality. For this reason, look for a company that has continuity in its job. Providers that offer quality regardless of the type of the services are available on the market. All you need is to make a good research and find one. The company you select should be knowledgeable to handle any part of the welding process and be experienced enough to deal with different problems if they are any.


Make sure the company you select have the capacity to handle the quantity you need. Make sure they have the knowledge and equipment so they can deliver your project within the time frame you are looking for. Ask how many engineers will be available at the time when your project needs to be completed, find out what sort of capacity they have in situation when they need to complete more than one project.


Last but not least, ask about the price. You have the right to know how much will cost you the welding process. Ask about the delivery part and will you have to pay for it. There may be some hidden and additional cost so it is much better for you to understand the payment terms. Try to negotiate about the price, depending on the quantity of workpiece you need, you may be able to receive some discount.

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