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Single Speed Bikes Buying Guide

Biking has grown immensely in popularity during the past few years. Each day, you see more and more young adults adapting to this eco-friendly type of transport, and moreover, many youngsters are picking it up as a recreational activity. Depending on how you intend to use your bike, there are multiple types of bikes you can chose from. One of the simplest a purest form of bike types is the single speed bikes.

The single speed bike has one gear, making it lightweight, and are low maintenance bikes which make them perfect for commuting. There are many single speed bikes online stores, where you can take a look at the specifics and compare prices, to find one suitable to your needs and your budget.


When it comes to specifications, single speed bikes are generally made from one of the four types of fabric – carbon fibre, titanium, aluminium and steel. Let’s discuss each and every one of these in detail:

Carbon Fibre is a stiff and lightweight material. A carbon fibre bike is one of the more affordable bikes even at entry level. The material can be shape-shifted into aerodynamic shapes to be fine-tuned for increased strength and stiffness in particular areas on the frame. This makes the carbon fibre bikes have huge design advantages over bikes made from other materials.

Steel is one of the most traditional and popular materials used for bike building. Steel frames are popular for a good reason – they provide strength, comfort and durability. Steel can also be easily fixed as bends and dents can be repaired, and is considerably cheaper compared to carbon fibre and titanium framed bikes.


Titanium bike frames have pretty much the same features as the steel bike frames. They are lightweight, offer a smooth ride, similar of the quality of good steel frame bikes. Titanium bike frames have also an built-in flex which produces a comfortable and smooth ride feel that will often devoid heavy surface vibration. On top of that, titanium looks great, doesn’t rust and can last you a life time, which makes it a perfect purchase.

Aluminium is extremely strong, stiff and lightweight. Bikes made from aluminium have a reputation for incredible power transfer. However, the lack of shock absorption from the stiff aluminium frames can result in a raucous feel for the rider.

You can find many brands of single speed bikes online, and decide which is the best one for you depending on what you want to use it for the most. These bikes are light, cheap and mechanically simpler than geared bikes. They are very aesthetically pleasing thanks to their minimalistic appearance and will very often feature alternative styling and paintwork, which will make you stand out!

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