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Sleek and Stylish Sofa Beds for Every Style and Taste

Sofa Bed

Whether having a guest room or not, sofa stylish beds are a great solution to accommodate and entertain visitors. When used in the living room, they can double as overnight accommodation, offering your guests the most perfect and cosy sleeping solution.

The newest versions of sofa beds are sleek and comfortable, and fold out with ease, meaning that they are the perfect solution for smaller spaces, especially because they don’t take up too much space.

White, Gray and Black

For an elegant and sophisticated look, try to add a textured pillow or throw on one in a slightly lighter/darker shade than the upholstery of your sofa bed. Or you can make it pop by adding a pillow in a brighter colour. For creating a bolder style lean on the traditional black and white stripes by incorporating them through a throw blanket or throw pillow.
Extra Tip: For creating a more comfy and homey atmosphere, you can place a side table and lamp near the sofa bed so your guests read some book before bedtime.

Natural, Beige and Brown

In case you have chosen sofa bed in neutral linen colours you can pair it with accessories in soft cream, pastel neutral and grey fabrics. If you want to create a more dramatic look, choose rich browns, like espresso and chocolate in leather upholstery. You can also create warm and inviting atmosphere with a faux-fur throw blanket and pillow over the sofa. Besides these, blue is the colour that can be also matched with these brown and cream colour shades. You can choose vivid hues of blue to break up the dullness and add more drama.

Colourful Bed

You can also break the rules and instead of the traditional black, white, grey or brown sofa beds, choose a sofa bed in a brighter colour that will set a playful mood. Brighter colours give you more freedom to play with the accessories, their colours as well as the prints. For example, if you have chosen to invest in a bright green sofa bed, adorn it with one bigger dark green pillow and two side throw pillows in light grey. You can change your cushions and throw blanket every season as they will instantly transform your room and give it a whole new look.

If you are looking for the perfect extra sleeping solution, sofa beds are the ideal solution. They are comfortable, flexible and practical as during the day you can use it as a regular couch while at the night use them as a comfortable night’s sleep solution.

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