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Tips and Tricks for Nails on Fleek

healthy nails

Nails are a great indicator of your health. They also say a lot about your style and personality. Having unkempt nails can indicate poor hygiene for both men and women. Therefore, it is important to keep them strong, healthy and beautiful.

When it comes to nails care, there are plenty of things you can do to improve their health. From food and supplements to advanced nail care supplies, here is everything you need to know to keep your nails on fleek.

Food and Supplements for Healthy Nails

Weak and brittle nails can be a result of malnutrition. Insufficient intake of vitamins and minerals along with poor hydration can slow down the growth of the nails and compromise their health. This is why you should follow a healthy diet plan that is loaded with raw fruits and vegetables. The best vegan foods for healthy nails are leafy greens, beans, berries, nuts and whole grains.

food for healthy nails infographic

In order to strengthen your nails, you also need to consume foods that are rich in protein. Nails are made of proteins therefore it is very important to have proper protein intake. Chicken, fish, eggs and dairy products are a good source of high-quality protein.

When it comes to supplements there are several which are proven to be good for your nails. Coming strong on top of the list is Biotin. Biotin is a part of the B-complex family and it is also known as vitamin B7. By aiding the metabolism of amino acids, vitamin B7 promotes healthy cell growth.

Next on the list of supplements is iron. Iron is responsible for the healthy oxygen-carrying blood cells. If you have vertical ridges on your nails, it may be because of iron or magnesium deficiency which leads us to the next supplement.

Magnesium is a mineral which is involved in protein synthesis thus, it promotes nail growth. Other health supplements that promote healthy nails are zinc, omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin C and B-complex. Of course, if you follow a healthy diet, you may be meeting the daily needs of these nutrients and that is why you should consult your doctor before you start taking any of them.

How to Cut Your Nails

cutting nails

Sure, you’ve been cutting your nails your whole life, but are you doing it right? First, you will need a small nail clipper with rounded blades. Make sure that the blade is sharp because dull nail clippers can damage your nails. Never cut across the nail because you can get stuck with an unflattering form and cause harm. Instead, clip them at an angle three or four times following the shape of your cuticles.

nail filing

Step two is to file the nails. If possible, use a glass file instead of an emery board. You should never file back and forth, and you should always use gentle motions to prevent breakage. If you want to add a more polished look, consider exfoliation. Gently buff out the surface of your nails to remove any abnormalities. Groomed cuticles are also important for a nice, clean look. Get a cuticle pusher and nipper tend them weekly.

High-quality Nail Care Supplies

nail care supplies

Nail products are an important part of nails care. Some of the products you should always have are nail and hand cream, nail and cuticle oil, base coat and a top coat. You should regularly apply moisturizing nail and hand cream for protection especially nowadays when you are constantly washing and disinfecting your hands. Applying nail and cuticle oil will nourish your nails and protect them from drying out and splitting. It will also stimulate new, healthy growth. Avoid polish stains by using a base coat before you paint your nails and prevent chipping with a top coat.

Tasteful Manicure Design

Opt for a tasteful manicure design and stay away from the outrageous and gaudy manicures you see on the internet. Of course, you can choose a bold and colourful design, just make sure that it isn’t tacky. The latest trends in 2020 include graphic, nude, white, pearl and geometric details. You can treat yourself with a professional manicure or you can do it yourself.

Give Yourself a Pro-level Manicure at Home

woman doing manicure at home

If you’ve decided to do the manicure yourself, do it like a pro. After you have already cut and filed your nails, groomed your cuticles and moisturised your hands it is time for the fun part. Sit in a “professional nail-tech position” with your elbows resting on the table. Start by applying clear base coat to avoid staining of the nail and to create a smooth surface for the nail polish. Use any color you like, but make sure that you pick a good quality nail polish that stays long and provides good coverage with one coat only.

If possible, choose nail polish with a flat and wide brush because they are more convenient. Start painting from the middle and work your way to the sides until you fully cover the nail. Aim to paint each nail in three strokes. Let your nail polish dry and then apply a glossy top coat. The top coat will protect your nails from chipping and your manicure will last longer. It is recommended that you use lightweight nail products that dry quickly so you can layer them without spending too much time. One easy way to speed up the process is to submerge your hands in ice cold water or expose them to icy breeze.

After you are done, apply oil to rehydrate the nails and cuticles and to prevent any smudges while they are still freshly painted. To clean up the mess especially the one on your non-dominant hand, use a cotton swab or an old make up brush. Just dab it in some nail polish remover and carefully clean any excess polish.

Protect Your Nails from Breaking

Unfortunately, sometimes nails break. To minimize the risk of this happening you should always wear protective gloves when you are washing the dishes, doing chores around the house or gardening. Always dry your hands after washing and regularly apply moisturizer. Never use your nails as tools to open containers or cans. And last but not least, never bite your nails!

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