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Tips for Remodeling your Bathroom

For quite some time you have been wanting a new bathroom and not just to satisfy your wish to have an in-home spa, but also because your outdated tiles, vanity and archaic lighting fixture need a makeover. Before you hammer those tiles and rip out scratched tub, set up your budget. Then, prepare a to-do-list – what can be fixed and what needs to be completely renewed; things that you plan to keep and what needs to be bought. Also, consult few tile installers, plumbers and cabinet makers Melbourne to get the best price that will fit your budget.
When you shop for tiles, tub or shower, cabinet, etc. make sure you coordinate them with each other (in terms of style, color, design and finish) in order for everything to perfectly blend with your theme. Do not forget the lighting. Pick out your favorite fixture beforehand in case you need to install a new cable. You wouldn’t want any holes in your new tiles, now do you. Also, decide on whether you’d like a shower or a tub. If you want to create a spa-like bathroom, tub is a better option. But not just any tub – from standard alcove and undermount tub to a freestanding and soaking tub, you need to decide on a design and style.

In addition, decide on a focal point of your bathroom – will it be an antique bathroom cabinet or maybe a hotel-like tub. If you choose to go with a vanity, keep in mind that big retailers have a limited selection and if you have planned on splurging on one, then your best option is to go custom. Many bathroom cabinets  shops in Melbourne  have a wide array of cabinets in a range of colors, styles, finishes and sizes. One of their designers can assist you with your own design in order to have everything blend for that impeccable zen feeling. baño-cromado

Do not overlook the power of slick and modern faucet. Pamper your bathroom with one, since a faucet, in some sense, defines not only the look but also the overall feeling of your bathroom. Cabinet makers Melbourne workshops usually have a wide selection of various faucets or order one on-line. Also, pay special attention to details such as shower curtain, towel rod, soap dispenser, wastebasket, etc. Choose quality over quantity and you’ll not regret it. Paying a little more now will pay off big in the future. Just think of your new bathroom as part of home investment and enjoy it.

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