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Tips On How To Hide Male Pattern Baldness

how to hide male pattern baldnessGoing bald is the biggest fear among men. It can be a big psychological blow to them, affecting their personality and self-confidence. For many, hair loss is the first sign of getting old, which is the second biggest fear. But today, we are all witnesses that hair loss has nothing to do with aging. It is a medical condition that affects the scalp or entire body regardless of the age.

The most common causes for male pattern baldness are genetic, hormonal changes and imbalance. Depending on the type of male pattern baldness, hair may regrowth without any treatment, but in most cases, medical treatments are required in order to promote hair growth or hide male pattern baldness.

Because this is a common men’s problem, we have prepared a list of few tips that will show you how to hide male pattern baldness.

  • Shaving – The first and most easy way to hide baldness is shaving. Shave completely your head and be sure that no one will notice if you are going bald. But, do not forget to take proper care of it. This means that you need to apply sunscreen on a regular basis and use mild shampoo.
  • Cover Your Head – Another great tip about how to hide male pattern baldness is wearing a hat or other head cover. Depending on your style, choose a head cover that will match your outfit.
  • Hair Grow Products – Depending on your condition, there are many products that can help re-grow your hair. Before trying one, consult with your doctor or specialist because many of these remedies can damage your scalp.
  • Wear A Wig Or Toupee – If none of the above things work for you, try wearing a toupee and if you don’t like how it looks, try the more natural look – wearing a wig. Nowadays, there are many online stores that offer real hair wigs that are easy to use, maintain and what is most important, they do not fall easily.

These are just some of the many cheaper options about how to hide male pattern baldness. If you are not satisfied with its results, but do not want hair transplantation, try the amazing SMP (scalp micro pigmentation) procedure. SMP is an excellent way to cover your bald area by tattooing your scalp with small dots of pigments, which imitate hair follicles. Just choose a colour close to your natural hair and enjoy our new look.

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