Top 5 Camping Foods

Camping is a fun adventure, but it becomes even better when accompanied by amazing food. Just because you’re miles from home and the kitchen you’re used to, it doesn’t mean you can’t make and enjoy a marvellous meal. With the right ingredients and the right approach, you can indulge in mouth-watering food even if you happen to be in the middle of nowhere

Prepare Vegetarian Pasta

You don’t need a professional kitchen to prepare a delicious vegetarian pasta dish. You can easily do it while camping and the ingredients necessary for this meal should be the first ones on your grocery list. But instead of wandering the market ails searching for pasta and vegetables you should play your cards right and order vegetarian freeze dried food. Let’s start with the pasta. Having in mind that people have limited resources while camping, someone thought of the idea to create freeze dried pasta that tastes great, has high nutrient retention, lasts long and doesn’t require refrigeration. If you can think of anything more convenient than that when it comes to food, let me know. To “revive” the pasta you need only boiling water and that’s it. Stir a couple of minutes, and your pasta is ready.


Now, pasta is cool, but it’s much cooler with sauce on top. And you can create one just as easy because there are also freeze dried vegetables and vegetable mixes that you can use to create the most delicious vegetarian sauce in existence. The procedure is the same. You only need boiling water to rehydrate the vegetables and then you can add your favourite spices, boil the veggies some more to get the texture right and pour them on top of the pasta. This is the easiest, most convenient way to create vegetarian pasta while you’re camping, hiking and being far away from the comfort of your home.

Vegetarian freeze dried food allows you to enjoy your favourite meal without bending over backwards to prepare it. Dehydrated vegetables taste as good as the fresh ones do and they contain the same amount of nutrients. So, instead of going through the trouble of carrying all sorts of vegetables with you and preparing them for hours, you can get the job done in a couple of minutes with the dehydrated vegetables australia. What could be better than that?

Pack Tortillas and Make Burritos

You can prepare the burritos at home or do it at the camping site – it’s a piece of cake anyway. All you need to prepare burritos is tortillas and canned beans, rice, tomatoes and canned meat as well as some cheese of your choosing. Canned food is known to last a long time and it’s ready to eat as soon as you open it up. Just add the ingredients, roll up your burrito and indulge.

Burritos are a great source of nutrients considering they contain both vegetables and meat, and they will keep you feeling full for quite a long time. Burritos are the perfect food fuel that will keep you going without taking away precious time from you for preparation.

If on the other hand you decide to prepare them in advance, wrap them in foil and keep them in the freezer up until you leave for the campsite. There, you’ll only need to reheat them quickly and enjoy a delicious lunch/dinner.


Vegetable and Fruit Salads

Probably the easiest, most healthy and delicious thing you can prepare in a couple of minutes in the wilderness are salads. Vegetable salads as meals, and fruit salads for dessert. To make things more interesting you can add tuna and pasta into the vegetable salads as well as canned corn or beans. That way you won’t feel hungry again after half an hour.

Preparing salads is easy and convenient and for those reasons, they are considered to be a suitable meal choice when a person hikes or camps. Salads are also perfect for people that pay attention to their calorie intake and those who have some sort of food intolerance/allergy.

Now, if you want the salad preparation to be easier than it already is, you can wash and chop the vegetables in separate containers and refrigerate them at home. You can prepare dressings too. That way, when you arrive at the campsite all you need to do is combine your favourite veggies with the dressing. The same goes for the fruit salads.


Meals You Prepared at Home

The range of meals you can prepare at home and bring along your camping adventure is quite big. First on the list are the famous sandwiches and toasts to which you can add whatever you like. You can make salty and sweet pancakes as well as granola bars and pretzels. And hey, why not bake a pizza or two? After all, it tastes better when you eat it cold over beer or wine. Also, you can prepare steaks and potatoes and beef stew.

As per dessert, you can bake cinnamon rolls, French toast, protein bars, croissants and so much more. You don’t have to restrict yourself to store-bought products. In fact, you can make your favourite meals and desserts at home and enjoy them in nature guilt-free. Camping food doesn’t have to be dull, tasteless and plain. It can be the complete opposite if you make it like that yourself.


Plenty of Cheese and Ham

Cheese and ham can be found vacuumed in the markets and that’s a great plus when it comes to food that can be transported and lasts for a long time. You can easily make sandwiches on the spot with the best cheeses for toasties or make a cheese and ham plate that you can enjoy along with wine under the stars.

But before you go on to backpack cheese, make sure it’s firm or semi-firm, aged and dry. That way you can be certain that it won’t become spoiled soon after you open it. The same applies to meat. You should get dry and smoked ham or jerky that’s ready-to-eat and doesn’t require refrigeration.

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