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Transporting Pets by Plane: What’s Better – Cabin or Cargo?

When it comes to pets transport by plane, it doesn’t have to be a stressful experience. By making the right plans and understanding your options, you can save yourself and your pet much discomfort and even trouble.

pets transport

You might want to consider using a pets transport company to relocate your pet for you. A reliable pets transport company has experience working with airlines, sending pets around the world, and they can provide you all the information necessary to ensure the comfort and safety of your pet during the relocating process.

You have to options to transport your pet by plane.

Traveling by Cargo

An aircraft that allows pets to be on board has a specific compartment for animals only. Contrary to what many think, there is nothing else in these compartments – no luggage, no equipment, no nothing. The area designed for pets transport is temperature controlled, oxygenated, and pressurized for each pet, which means your pet will feel just as you feel when you are seating on an aircraft. When pets fly by cargo, they can either fly on the same flight as you or they can fly unaccompanied. Generally, pets do fly as cargo and most of them are unaccompanied.

Traveling in the Cabin

If your pet is small enough to fit under the seat in front of you, then you can bring them on board with you. Unfortunately, you cannot buy an extra seat for bigger pets. It is important to remember that the area under the seat in front of you is very limited, and different aircraft have different sizing.

When it comes to the best carrier for pets transport in the cabin, a soft-sided crate offers the most flexibility. Considering the fact that pets should be comfortable to move around in the crate, sometimes even a cat can be too big for cabin travel. So you do have to make the decision what you want to do.

Cargo vs Cabin

Deciding the best pets transport option for your furry friend will mostly depend on your pet. It may not be a good option for your pet to go in the cabin with you, even if they are small enough. If your dog gaps frequently, your cat meows too loudly, if they have separation anxiety where they are in the crate but right next to you and they want to get out, it may not be a good choice for you or the other passengers around you.

If your pet gets anxious and has accidents frequently in their crates, that also may not be ideal for a long flight – shorter flight might be okay. Do keep in mind that for a pet to travel in the cabin, you do need to have someone flying with the pet. This means you can’t just buy them a seat in front of someone and not be on the plane with them.

The main advantage of bringing a pet in the cabin with you is that it is a lot cheaper than cargo rate. You also enjoy the peace of mind of having your pet close to you. Remember though, that you cannot take your pet out of the crate at any point during the flight.

Generally, it is more practical for pets to travel as cargo especially when you are relocating and have a lot of luggage and family to take care about. It can be kind of a hassle lugging the crate around, making sure it is not bothering other customers. So, a lot of times it is definitely better for you and your pet to travel as cargo.

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