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Travel Toys: The Ideal Way to Keep Your Kids Entertained

kids playing while travelling

Long-distance travels….I’m sure that at least once in your life you have been a witness of one of the’ most annoying’ flight scenes – a child that cries hysterically throughout all the flight. Been there, done that! Not only as a passenger but also as a parent of the ‘same’ kid. I’ve spent lots of travels as an embarrassed mother until my kid started to have an interest in books and toys when on the flight. And no, I’m not talking about bringing huge cars, trucks and dollhouses with you on the place. I’m talking about travel-friendly toys.

Gone are the days when wooden blocks and trucks were the only options for toys. Nowadays, parents can choose from a range of travel toys for kids differing in category, age, material and even purpose. There are lots of them available on the market, so the one to choose can mainly depend on the kid’s preference and age. If out of ideas and options, there is a chance for you to find the right type and spare yourself the trouble of having to deal with а nervous kid when traveling on longer distances.

Sticker – Colouring Book

coloring book

Do your little ones love Minnie & Mickey?! Or maybe they are crazy about Paw Patrol, Peppa Pig and Spiderman?! Whatever the character or cartoon they are into, you can probably find a sticker/colouring book with the needed cartoon characters. These books are perfect for traveling when you need to keep your restless ‘beasts’ occupied. Your kids will be thrilled with these books as they’ll have to find the right image for the right sticker, and colour it with the right colours.

Human Body Book

kid holding anatomy book

If your toddler is big enough to have interest in reading books and learning new things, a human educational and kids appropriate book could be ideal when traveling. This books falls into the most interesting category of travel toys for kids as at a certain age, kids love to learn about bones, stomach, how the food gets digested and so on. Some of these kid-friendly books come with puzzles to make things more fun. With a book like this, your little one will be able to learn more about the human body and teach his friends about it. In fact, these books are considered also as family game as all the family can learn and play guessing at the end of the learning session.

Tangle Toys

tangle toys

For those of you who have little children, tangle toys can be a real-life savior. According to experienced parents who have traveled a lot with kids, tangle toys of all kinds are the ultimate travel toys for kids. You can take them apart, put them back together and form any shape you like. These toys are a great way to keep your restless kid occupied for hours.

Kid-Friendly Tablet

kid playing with tablet

Instead of putting parent control on your cellphone or restricting the type of Youtube Videos your kids are not allowed to watch, investing in an educational and real tablet is the ideal way to entertain a toddler at any age. There are lots of tablets available on the market, but choosing one that has lots of fun app games and books is the ultimate solution for keeping a toddler occupied for hours. Just make sure to also choose a durable case as accidents are inevitable. You surely don’t want to change the display after several days of usage, am I right?! (chuckles)

Learning Activity Book

kids activity book

These books are a real blessing, especially when having to travel with little kids, somewhere between the age of two and four. Aghhhh a real nightmare. At this age they are restless, constantly moving and doing something. With such a book, you can encourage your little one to practice their writing and number skills. Except for this, in these books a kid can draw and learn some other activities. Shapes, animals, numbers, letters, fruits and veggies are just some of the many things a kid can learn to draw on these books.

Tactile Balls

tactile balls

These balls can be bought separately or in a set of several in order to make things more fun. They are considered multi-purpose travel toys with which kids can play a lot. Some of these balls have cuttings that mimic a mouth and eyes, ideal for kids who enjoy pretend play. They also, allow to be stacked to form a tower, so if you invest in several tactile balls, your kid can have enough to form several things. For instance, he/she can build a tower and have one or several ‘humans’ who can enter the tower, ‘eat’, ‘speak’, ‘talk’, ‘sing’, etc.

As you can see, the range of travel-friendly toys is huge, you just need to do deeper research and find the one that can meet your kids’ preferences. This is the only way to keep them occupied for hours and have a worry and stress-free travel.

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