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Tricks to Make Your Kid Eat a Healthy School Lunch

Every lunchtime in my home was a struggle. Making my kid to eat his food was an exhausting activity. And when he went out for school, I have never been sure enough whether he has eaten or not. Despite I was thinking that I have done everything in my power, as a mother it is not allowed to me to let the things as they are. One day I said to myself, maybe I should put more effort in the way a prepare the food, maybe buying him a new lunchbox and a cool water bottle will have some positive impact. And I have certainly made this. If spending a couple of dollar for some great lunchbox is the price for making my boy eat its food, then there is no doubt I will pay for it.

No matter how it sounds to you, the design of the lunch box matters. The right food box has made the things a lot easier for me. Having a food container your kid love can really make differences and motivate him to open it at lunchtime.. Lunchboxes are so versatile coming in a range of colours and designs. There are some made from silicone designed specifically for wraps, hot dogs, tacos, bread rolls. Boxes made from 100% cotton are a great alternative to disposable plastic bags. They are easy to use, washable and reusable. You can choose a leak-proof lunchbox designed for kids of all ages as well as for adults. In this boxes, you can pack wet foods like yoghurt without being worry that your kid’s bag will become all messy. They are reusable and dishwasher safe perfect for work, school and weight conscious lunches.

Once you buy the perfect lunchbox your next project is to put some more effort and time and prepare interesting lunches. Changing the shape of the food can make a huge difference in how the kid will percept the food and thus motivate him to take a bite. For example, you can use a melon baller to add fruity balls of watermelon to a lunch or make stars of cucumber. These simple things can add so much fun to the lunchtime. You do not need to be professional in food decoration or have special equipment. Just let your imagination run wild, or if anytime you become out of ideas you can always rely on the Internet and look for some interesting suggestions.

From time to time, you can create a themed lunch for your child. Yes, those plates of food we see on the Internet are really pieces of art but this does not mean you need to spend a half day just to prepare such one. When want to create a theme lunch, consider about your kid’s interests, favourite cartoon or show. Including some interesting topic from school into the lunch can also be fun.

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