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Types of Inline Skates & The Benefits of Inline Skating

I’m going to get straight to the point: inline skating is beneficial for a number of things, but mostly for building an amazing strong body with an accent on your legs, butt, and core. If you were thinking that the only way to maintain your physical shape was exhausting and torturing yourself in the gym, you were wrong; a line on wheels is another very convenient way. You get to skate in the park, enjoy the outdoors and to be honest, you don’t really need to do much; just keep your legs strong and roll it away!

It’s good to start skating from an early age, so if you didn’t have the chance to, don’t drive your kids on the same path: get them roller blades for kids on time. The market offer of these is vast since there are so many different types of inline skates that vary in colour, design, utility and price range. Here are the basic ones you need to be familiarized with:


1. Recreational Skates

These are amazing for novices; the plastic boot they feature is lined with a soft interior which provides maximum comfort and as such are perfect for kids who are on the beginning of learning how to skate. As their name states, these roller blades for kids are perfect for recreational purposes, like for taking your kid in the park and allowing him to roll as he wants and how much he wants.

2. Urban Inline Skates

These skates are a little more advanced and as such can be used for aggressive and casual skating. Having this fact in mind, you would imagine that these skates will be perfect for older kids who are well introduced in the world of skating. The boots of these skates are well reinforced, pretty strong and have a classic wheel frame.

3. Speed Skates

Again, for the more experienced ones on the track, these skates are perfect for those kids who are ready to take on a race or two. They have an additional fifth wheel which makes the base longer and, therefore, you get more speed in the whole inline skating experience. The boot of these skates is a lot lighter and the frame is softer so, overall, you have roller blades that are fast, durable and agile.

4. Roller Blading Trick Skates

If your kid wants to do aggressive inline skating, a perform some real pro moves, these skates will be a perfect choice. This means a lot of jumping, ride rails, and half-pipes, and for that, you need roller blades that have hard boots, small wheels and can support high-velocity moves.

All in all, choosing the right pair of roller blades for your kid comes down to first establishing how capable is he standing on them. Age and body strength are crucial here; don’t overestimate your child for safety reasons.

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