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This is How I Venture Into After Sunset Hiking Adventures

Exploring hidden gems of the natural world, while enjoying a fun adventure with friends, this is the main thing that makes hiking one of the most thrilling outdoor activities that everyone should try out at least once in their lifetime. It’s a great form of exercise that can help you stay active and keep your body in shape. Conquering dazzling trails in the wild allows you to quickly burn calories and shed off extra kilos. In fact losing weight was the main thing that got me into hiking. I have struggled with my weight since I was a little girl. I’ve tried all sorts of diets and exercises and nothing seemed to work until I started going hiking with my dad who, by the way is an avid hiker since his high school years.

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I remember I had so much fun exploring the great outdoors with him and best of all I started to lose the excessive weight. He thought me the basics of hiking. I also learned a lot about the natural world during those unforgettable hiking adventures with my dad. Since then I became an passionate hiker just like my father. Nowadays, I like to explore the wild with my boyfriend who is also very fond of hiking. As soon as spring casts its magical spell on nature, we start preparing for the upcoming hiking trips. With it’s refreshing breeze and blooming flowers, spring provides the perfect conditions for day-time hikes. Early summer is also a good period for hiking trips since the days are still not that hot. The truth is most of summer we tend to avoid exploring the wild all together.

However, this summer we figured why not go night hiking which we’ve never tried before. My boyfriend had the task to pick the location and get some hiking clothing, while I had to get hiking essentials that will make our trip safer and more enjoyable. My dad had tough me many things about night hiking as well, so I knew what we need for conquering the trail after sunset. First things first, I decided to go on a compass online buy hunt and find the best model that will give us accurate information about out location in the great outdoors. There are various types of compasses that differ in both design and accuracy.

My dad used to say that when it comes to choosing the best compass online buy one with a universal needle that you can use anywhere around the world. After comparing different models I opted for a geological one with a universal needle and international cardinal points. The compass also features a fordable dioptre along with an adjustable chronometer. In addition to investing in an advanced geological compass I also equipped us with some other essentials then every hiker should have when walking the trail in the dark. These include bright headlamps, back-up flashlights, trekking poles and a well stocked first aid kit. With our hiking bags all packed my boyfriend and I were ready to immerse ourselves in the wild and experience the beauty of hiking under the starry night’s sky.

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