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What You Need to Consider Before Buying a New Triton Bull Bar

A 4×4 has many heavy-duty features that allow you to travel across vast lands with different types of terrain an although they are heavy-duty vehicle’s protection is still needed to keep these properties operational. Probably one of the most important types of protection is a bullbar since your Tritons engine is what makes everything work. While this is a simple solution, finding the right bullbar isn’t but if you put certain factors into account before you go and look for the perfect bullbar, well, let’s just say that you’ll have a blast while being able to easily find what you need. Here they are.

triton bullbar


There are three types of bullbar materials you should be on the lookout for: aluminium, steel and plastic. Yes, I know a plastic bullbar may not be your cup of tea but they are very useful in urban areas as they are lightweight and easy to push out in case they get bent. A steel triton bullbar will give you the best protection possible but at the cost of handling and fuel consumption. Aluminium bullbars deliver solid protection but without being as fragile as plastic ones or as heavy as steel bullbars.


With bullbar material out of the way next we have the design or rather styles of bullbars which there’s a total of six. The first and most basic bullbar design is called the bumper bar which provides protection only over the stock fender. You then have a Nudge bar which most people don’t even consider it a bullbar since it is mostly for aesthetic purposes but it can sustain light impacts. Similar to the bumper bar is the Baja bar which is designed to be used in off-road competitions since it offers added reinforcement into the chassis for the ease of use with heavy-duty winches.

Another type of bullbars used in off-road competitions is the competition bar (duh!) which allows for higher ground clearance and it can be easily removed. A triple hoop triton bullbar will give you the best possible protection but much like steel it will add a lot of weight, but if you are going to pass through animal strike prone areas then this is your best option.

triton bullbar


The ADR (Australian Design Rules) compatibility is not only required by law but it is also meant to make your airbags function properly, meaning they don’t deploy prematurely or at all during an accident. Most imported bullbars won’t be ADR compliant so I’d suggest you go for an Australian-made bullbar both for safety and legal reasons.

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