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Why You Need a Compressor Tank for Your Compressed Air System

Compressed air is one of the most clean, convenient and safe power sources. Flexibility is one of the major advantages of using compressed air. In fact, you can store and use compressed air in places where no other power source can be used, because of unavailability and risk of fire and explosion. Moreover, you can use this type of power source under various environmental circumstances, including extreme temperature fluctuations. Due to the many advantages of the compressed air, a vast number of companies involved in various industries (including but not limited to: construction, wood processing, mining, energy, chemical, textile, health, paper processing and food industry) use compressed air system for producing the power needed for powering many industrial machines and devices.


However, the flow rate of the compressor system is not always enough for enabling flawless operation of the devices and tools at peak demands. In is in such cases when you need a compressor tank. It is the compressor tank one of the most important parts of an air compressor system. One of the most important advantages of using an receiver tank is the significant increasing of the capacity. Generally speaking, the compressor tanks have up to 10 times higher capacity or flow rate than the system itself. Below, we have made a simple and quick overview of the most noteworthy benefits of complementing your air compressing system with a compressor tank.

Steady Power Supply

When the demand for compressed air reaches the peak, it is more than probable that the air compressor will fail providing the adequate amount of power at certain point of performing the operation. Running our of power in the middle of an industrial operation, application or manufacturing process can be a cause of many serious consequences.

One of the crucial functions of the compressor tank is to serve as an reservoir of compressed air and support the work flow in situations of peak demand. By providing a steady supply of power, this part of the compressed air system prevents disruptions of the industrial process and enables the operations to be performed at the highest efficiency and safety level.

Removing Water From the System

When the compressor air is stored in the compressor thank, it has a “chance” to cool. This is what reduces the possibility of condensation and with that minimizes the chances for certain amount of water to be found inside the system. And since moisture is one of the most common issues that can influence the efficient operation of the system, there is no doubt that this is one of the benefits that are of paramount experience mainly for the applications on the industrial job sites.

Minimizing Pulsation

Pulsation is a common issue that is happens in the system when using a reciprocating air compressor. Also, this problem appears in case of a cyclic process downstream. When using an air receiver tank, the compressed air remains pressurized to the degree where the chances of pulsation are minimized.

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