Workplace Safety and Efficiency with Drum Trolley

Lifting and moving heavy drums from one place to another is one of the most difficult and most dangerous moving tasks. A range of serious injuries are associated with such activities, especially at industrial job sites, where moving drums is part of the everyday work tasks. Drum trolley is the piece of moving equipment that is of great importance for increasing the safety and the efficiency during such type of applications. With that being said, regardless if you are moving filled with liquid or empty drums, using a drum trolley is a must, not an option.

Drum Trolley

A typical drum trolley is comprised of four┬ámain parts: base, body, handles and wheels. Operating with this type of lifting and moving equipment may seem easy and simple. However, not everything is as is seems, so can moving drums with trolley be a tricky and not so easy task to perform. Due to this reason, special training is required for an employee to be competent for lifting and moving drums from one point to another. Drum movers must be prepared to handle various unexpected situations that may increase the risk of accidents. Likewise, it doesn’t really matter if the drums are filled with liquid or are empty, because serious accidents are very likely to happen. This said, you must make sure that the drum is strengthened and supported when it is being transported.

There are several factors that influence the safety and the efficiency when it comes to moving drums with a drum trolley. Aside from choosing the most appropriate trolley for the type of drums you are dealing with, you should take into account other factors among which the most important are: space available, lighting and floor imperfections. In other words, before you start the moving applications, you need to make sure that the working environment enables you to perform the operations safely while the risk of spills and contamination is reduced to minimum. Also, never forget to check whether the lids of the drums are closed well.

In conclusion, to ensure maximum safety and efficiency at the industrial site, where lifting and moving drums from one location to another is a regular part of the work duties, you shouldn’t overlook the importance of using a drum trolley. It is an indispensable piece of moving and lifting equipment which makes moving filled or empty drums an easier and more convenient task to perform.

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